#4 Leadership Both In and Out of the Bedroom (with Tully O’Connor)

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On episode 4 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with transformational coach, facilitator and very close friend of mine, Tully O’Connor. Tully works primarily with men and offers a space for Men to develop more depth, live into their purpose, create rich connected relationships and expand their influence as integrated leaders in all aspects of their lives through powerful 1:1 coaching sessions, transformational online programs & facilitating life changing experiences at workshops and retreats. Tully is deeply proud of is his relationship with his wife Kaitlin and being a father to their son. During this podcast we chat about career, healthy relationship frameworks, leadership, being present, vulnerability and what leadership means in a sexual context. You can discover more about Tully and his work on his website – https://www.tullyoconnor.co/
Key points:
– Tully’s story about his career
– Framework for a healthy relationship
– How to show up in a relationship
– Tully’s definition of presence
– Sexual leadership
– Strategies for communication in a relationship
– Being aware of the state you’re in
Relevant links:
Instagram: @tullyoconnor
Website: www.tullyoconnor.co
Podcast: Conscious Locker Room podcast
Working on improving your interpersonal skills with training could also help you to better manage conflict situations and have healthier relationships: ​www.findcourses.co.uk/search/interpersonal-skills-training-courses

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