#3 Gender Expression, Masculinity & Sex Education (with Kai Schweizer)

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On episode 3 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Kai Schweizer, a sexologist, sexual health educator, and Masters student. He has a specialist interest in trans and gender diverse sexual health, including dyspareunia, contraception, and HIV prevention. Kai is best known for his sexual health education work with queer young people. This is an eye opening conversation as Kai share’s some of his personal story, including his gender transition, as well as some valuable insights into models of masculinity. 

Key points:
– Kai’s journey and experiencing transitioning
– Alternative models of masculinity
– The importance of exposing yourself to diversity
– Pleasure and phallocentrism
– Sexual scripts and gender roles
– Body image as a sexual concern for young men
– Sex education and pornography
– The future of sex education

Relevant Links:
Website – www.kaischweizer.com


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