#1 From Caveman to Multi-Orgasmic Man (with Nicolas Spadaccini)

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This was a super informative chat with engineer, author, film maker and life-long student of all things Tantra, Nicolas Spadaccini. He dropped a lot of practical knowledge about male bodies and multiple orgasms. Nic has a refreshingly open way of talking about the not so talked about parts of our sexual bodies. In 2016, he started writing the soon to be released book entitled, “Penises & Vaginas – A Users Manual.” It’s a hand guide to the basics about our sexual bodies that are often overlooked in our modern world. I really resonate with Nic’s approach to sexuality work and always gain valuable insights whenever I chat with him.

Key Points:
– Nic’s journey becoming a multi-orgasmic man
– The role of sex for human survival
– Caveman sex and porn
– Mystical sex and dogma
– Sweet spot sex
– The Coolidge Effect
– What our sexual body is capable of
– Separating ejaculation from orgasm
– Three step process to non-ejaculatory orgasms
– Preparation, training and game day
– Practical advice for male bodies

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