Using your ejaculation as a tool.

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I’ve spoken before about how you can intentionally use your ejaculation as a clearing tool to let go off emotional and energetic baggage you’ve been holding on to which has been weighing you down. You may feel lighter after an ejaculation like this, revitalized, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

With full awareness, we can also use ejaculation as a manifestation tool to create not only in a reproductive sense but also in an energetic sense. Of course, with an ejaculation there is the potential to conceive via fertilization of a partner’s egg. However, there is also the potential to conceive an idea, to explosively bring something into existence.

Spiritually speaking, this is because your seminal fluid, your sacred fluid, is connected to your creative, life giving energy. In Yogic philosophy, it is known as ojas. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is known as jing. In ancient Greek medicine, it is known as pneuma.

That is why using ejaculation as a manifestation tool can make you feel depleted. Because you’re using some of your own life giving energy to explosively create something else. It can leave you feeling drained. Which is why it is necessary to have a robust nourishment and self-care practice as part of your intentional ejaculation.

Learning about the ways in which you can use your ejaculation as a tool is an opportunity to establish a deeper relationship with your body and your seminal fluid in particular. It is powerful and potent. Honouring this can be a rich experience for you and your partner.


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