#83 Erotic Shadow Work (with Luna Agneya)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Luna Agneya (She/They). Luna is a Sensuality and Relating expert – teaching, coaching and creating events & immersions in the field of Sensuality and conscious connection for many years. A certified VITA Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Tantric Yogini, event manager and designer, Luna has fused together her many skills and passions into projects dedicated to the liberation of people through the erotic, through relationships and through the shadow work of kink and taboos. Luna runs retreats and events around the world and is the headmistress of the Sensual Arts School, an online school for Tantra and Sacred sexuality that is queer friendly and kink positive. The two of us talk about one of Luna’s passions; erotic shadow work. We discuss what it is, why it is important, and how you can start exploring it.

Luna shares some of her story Integrating spirituality and sexuality Strategies for beginning shadow work Cultural vs personal shadows Integrating your shadow Generational trauma Shadow aspects of pornography Advice for people interested in shadow work

Relevant Links:
Cam’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thecamfraser
Luna’s Instagram: @sensual.artistry
Luna’s Instagram: @sensualartsschool
Luna’s website: www.sensualartistry.com
Luna’s website: www.sensualarts.school
Luna’s upcoming Shadow Work course: https://www.sensualarts.school/shadow-self-worship


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