Become a Certified Sacred Sexuality Coach in 11 months

With the only accredited certification that focusses specifically on male sexuality
The next cohort runs from January 2025 through December 2025
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Step to the forefront of men's sex coaching

Move beyond conventional approaches and embrace a certification that's both comprehensive and unparalleled. Position yourself as the sought-after expert in a realm rich with depth and nuance. Your journey to mastery begins here.

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If you're ready to begin your enrolment journey, use the button below to book your 30min interview. This is your opportunity to ask me any questions about the certification and it gives me chance to get to know you before making any decisions to move forward. The cohort is limited to 20 students, so an interview is our way of seeing if we're a good fit for each other.

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Picture this...

You wake up each day with a profound sense of purpose, knowing that you're on a mission to guide men towards a deeper understanding of themselves, enriching their relationships with women, and strengthening bonds with everyone in their lives.

Imagine the thrill of each coaching session, where every conversation is a dance of discovery and empowerment. With every person you guide, you unravel layers of vulnerability, strength, and potential, tapping into the core of human connection.

Picture yourself in diverse settings, from a tranquil retreat centre in Thailand to a lively auditorium full of people ready to listen to you. Your expertise grants you the freedom to connect, teach, and learn from any corner of the globe. You navigate the challenges of running a coaching business by drawing from a wellspring of knowledge, personal growth, and community.

Feel the ripple effect of your impact, extending beyond the one-on-one coaching sessions, to touch lives, reshape narratives, and foster genuine connections. With a world-class certification under your belt, you're not just forging a career; you're changing the way society thinks about men, masculinity, and pleasure.

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If this resonates, you're in the right place

With Cam's pioneering SSO Model of Sexual Embodiment© at its core, our coaching approach offers a transformative journey into the depths of male sexuality. This isn't just about techniques; it's about holistic understanding, fostering deeper connections, and empowering men in their relationships with women and everyone they cherish. Elevate your coaching practice and become a guiding light in this industry.

Want to learn more about how you can change men's lives?
We only lead this program once a year and the next cohort runs from
January 2025 through December 2025

Unique Training

The 11 month (300 hour) Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification is a unique professional training that offers a profound learning experience for people interested in working specifically with male sexuality.

The training provides direct learning opportunities in how to use a client-centred approach to empower, educate, and support men to become more knowledgeable, attuned to, and aware of their bodies, sex, and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns.

Cam's Approach

The SSO Model of Sexual Embodiment© focusses on:




Cam’s approach blends medically accurate, scientifically validated information and esoteric teachings from the mystery traditions into a powerful system of tools that enable rapid transformation in the lives of men.

sso model looking at relationships tied to sexual embodiment 2

Is this certification right for you?

You work with men

Dive deep into the intricacies of men's sexuality, understanding their unique challenges, desires, and needs. With the Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification, you'll be equipped to guide men on transformative journeys, blending personal growth, sex education, and spiritual practices. Whether you're guiding individuals who are already involved in men's circles and one-on-one coaching, or those new to their sexual journey, this certification empowers you to make a profound impact.

You work with couples

Relationship dynamics are complex, and sexuality plays a pivotal role. This certification offers insights into the dance of masculine and feminine energies, helping couples navigate their shared journey. Equip yourself with tools and techniques to foster communication, enhance intimacy, and address sexual challenges. Whether you're aiding couples in exploring polyamory or guiding them through traditional relationship challenges, this program provides the expertise you need.

You work with women

While the certification has a strong focus on men's sexuality, understanding this facet is crucial for those working with women. By gaining insights into men's sexual psyche, you can guide women in their relationships, helping them understand their partners better, and fostering deeper connections. Equip women with the knowledge to navigate their relationships, explore their own sexuality in relation to their partners, and create harmonious sexual dynamics.

Learn more about the certification

Join one of the fastest growing fields in health and wellness

Sexual wellness is a rapidly expanding industry. With the reduction of stigma attached to sexual activities and experimentation, people all around the world are embracing and exploring their sexuality.


In 2023, the global sexual wellness market was valued at USD 264 billion and is forecast to exceed USD 981 billion by 2034.


In 2022, active coach practitioners generated an estimated annual revenue/income from coaching of USD 4.5 billion, a 60% increase since 2019.


In 2023, the global men’s health and wellness market was valued at USD 1.2 trillion and is forecast to exceed USD 2.5 trillion by 2029.

Here’s what students are saying

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Charles Dubois

Men's Sex Coach

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Carla Crivaro

Sex & Relationship Coach


Your Lead Teacher


I'm Cam Fraser

I am a Professional Sex Coach, certified with the World Association of Sex Coaches, as well as a Sexologist, and the current Deputy Chair of the Society of Australian Sexologists.

I received my Graduate Diploma in Sexology from the School of Population Health, Curtin University. With over 10,000 client contact hours specialising in masculinity and sexuality I've delivered presentations for the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine, TEDxPerth, Sextech School, and the Society of Australian Sexologists. I am also the resident sex and relationships expert at Lovehoney and have received the Community Leadership Award from Lifeline for championing the cause of mental health and emotional well-being.


Our Core Team


Dr. Jae West

Jae has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Health Psychology. She is an established Dancer and Choreographer, Yoga Teacher, Motivational Speaker, and Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.


Kokayi Nosakhere

Kokayi is an American Historian, Journalist, Community Organiser, and Anti-Racism Educator. He has earned the FBI's Community Leadership Award for his anti-violence work in Alaska.


Sarah Martin

Sarah is a Certified Sex Coach with and previous Executive Director of the World Association of Sex Coaches. She wrote her Master's thesis on economic metaphors in pickup artist handbooks.


The Guest Lecturers

Beyond our core team of educators, you'll gain insights from specially curated guest lecturers. Each speaker is a master in their domain, offering perspectives that can enrich your understanding of male sexuality, spiritual practices, and relationship dynamics. Dive deep into their expertise, and as a bonus, expand your network with these esteemed practitioners for future collaborations and referrals.


Ethical Business Course for Sexuality Professionals

As part of your tuition, you'll receive exclusive access to an ethical business course for sexuality professionals, known as Ignite. This course was crafted by Business Coach and Mentor Tristen Tan and is specifically for the students of the Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification. It is designed to take you on an educational and practical journey with plenty of activities and exercises to help you build your business.

What you'll learn

Trimester 1

Trimester 1 focuses on the foundations of Sacred Sexuality Coaching, including the history of the modality as well as the integration of sexuality and spirituality. We’ll also cover fundamental erotic anatomy and physiology as it relates to our coaching practice and dive deep into common sexual behaviours. This trimester also includes an examination of diverse sexualities and incorporates an intersectional approach to coaching.

Sexual Attitude Reassessment

A Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR), is a process-oriented, structured, group experience to promote participants’ awareness of their attitudes and values related to sexuality, and to assist them in understanding how these attitudes and values affect them professionally and personally. We’ll examine male sexuality and men’s sexual attitudes from numerous perspectives using a variety of resources. This SAR incorporates a media literacy approach.

Trimester 2

Trimester 2 focuses on the specifics of men’s sexuality. We’ll be exploring common male sexual function concerns as well as how men establish and maintain relationships. Included in this trimester is an examination of lifestyle factors and partner sexual difficulties. We will also address the overlapping of sexual experiences and psychedelic experiences, touching on the topics of plant medicine and recreational drugs. We’ll end with an in-depth look at launching your men’s coaching business

Trimester 3

Trimester 3 consists of a supervised practicum. This is a 3-month post-program support for you as you begin your Sacred Sexuality Coaching practice for men. You’ll record several coaching sessions with consenting clients as case studies and submit your recordings for assessment and feedback. You’ll receive personalised guidance and suggestions to help you hone your coaching skills and implement the signature SSO© Model of Sexual Embodiment.


You will learn a variety of Sex Coaching modalities, including process coaching, pleasure mapping, breathwork, Orgasmic Yoga, and Cam’s SSO Model of Sexual Embodiment©.

Cutting Edge Content

The training emphasises knowledge about the latest research in men’s sexual healing, session structure, coaching skills, professional practice, ethics, and boundaries.

Ongoing Support

Not only will you come out of the training with a clear structure for conducting sessions with men, you will also receive continuing professional development to broaden your knowledge and practice.

This Sacred Sexuality Coaching training makes use of online learning, video conferences, home erotic practice sessions, video demonstrations, and supervised practicum.

This is a unique program because it focusses exclusively on working with men. By combining esoteric teachings from the mystery traditions with medically accurate, scientifically validated information, this program offers a comprehensive education intended to produce highly competent coaches. I’m invested in your success, so you will receive three months of personalised coaching and business support directly from me. That is why this program has limited placements. I strive to create a space for you to learn and be curious but also share and be reflective about your own experiences. I will invite you to ask questions, offer observations, provide critiques and challenge biases, both yours and mine. My aim with this program is to address a serious need for Sex Coaches who can work confidently with the types of men who need this work this most.

Here’s everything you get in the Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification

The program utilises a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. During each trimester, you will watch the pre-recorded video lectures, read the additional material, and participate in the embodiment practices at your own pace from wherever you are in the world.

14 Modules

Each module contains 7 units, ranging from Sex Coaching and business fundaments to esoteric teachings and medical research.

20 Guest Lecturers

You'll receive pre-recorded lectures from the 20 different practitioners, each of whom is an expert in their respective area of work.

34 Group Calls

You will meet with Cam each week as a group for discussion, Q+A, and case vignettes to practice your coaching skills with each other.

All Reading Material

All of your required reading material is provided and included in the price of the program. You don't need to purchase any additional material.

Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)

Completing a SAR is a life-changing experience that will deepen and enhance your work as a sex coach and your own personal life.

Ethical Business Course for Sexuality Professionals

This bonus course will take you on an educational and practical journey with plenty of activities and exercises to help you build your business.

Anti-Racism Training

An Anti-Racism Educator will meet with you several times throughout the program to guide you through your own personal anti-racism journey.

Embodiment Practices

Throughout the program, you'll be given a series of embodiment practices from an Exercise Physiologist to help deepen your understanding.

Supervised Practicum

You'll receive personalised supervision from Cam as you complete your practicum with volunteer clients.

Alumni Group

After graduation, you'll join a private alumni group to connect with graduates from previous cohorts and continue your professional development.

sex coaches change lives

Hear from students just like you

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Carla Crivaro

Sex & Relationship Coach

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Matthew Wakeham

Men's Mentor


After You Graduate

This isn’t just any training. This is comprehensive Sacred Sexuality Coaching certification with internationally-respected credentials behind it. When you graduate, you’ll have received cutting-edge training in sex coaching and male sexuality, and you'll have proven yourself as a highly competent professional.

The end of your studies is the beginning of what comes next. As a graduate, you'll be welcomed among the professionals who, like you, are trained in a variety of modalities and working with different facets of human sexuality.

Check out the benefits 

IICT Membership

My business is recognised as an Approved Training Provider, so you'll be eligible for fast-tracked membership with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Alumni Group

You'll join an alumni group with other graduates and create both professional and personal connections as well as receive continued professional development from industry experts.

Client Referrals

You'll become part of a referral network of practitioners who will recommend you as a coach. You'll also gain access to a list of prospective clients curated over the years by Cam and other graduates.

How does the enrolment process work?


You Book an Interview

To begin the enrolment process, you must book an interview. The button to book an interview can be found in the syllabus. An interview does not guarantee enrolment in the program.


You Attend an Interview

You will receive an email with a link invited to attend an online interview via Zoom with one of Cam's team members. This interview is to see if the program is the right fit for you.


You Enrol

Successful interviewees will then be sent an official letter of acceptance and invited to pay their deposit to secure their fast-track bonuses and confirm their enrolment in the program.

After You Enrol

Upon enrolment and receiving your deposit, you'll be admitted to the student group chat hosted on the Signal app. The app is free to download and has an open source protocol with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption. This allows for our conversations about men, sex, and pleasure to be spirited and private.

Additionally, after you enrol you'll be granted access to the Trimester 1 reading list. This will be sent to you via a private Google Drive link. This means you'll be able to get head start on the course material and begin having discussions with your peers.

Tuition Fees

Total price of tuition is USD$8,000

See below for our generous Quick Action bonuses.

If you are enrolled into the certification program, a non-refundable deposit of USD$1,000 is required to secure your spot. You can pay in full or take advantage of our in-house payment plan of just USD$585/month for 12 months. This excludes your USD$1,000 deposit.


Quick Action Bonuses

October 31, 2024

Bonus 2

  • Man Myths Course

Act swiftly and enrol within 7 days of your interview before the end of October, and we'll gift you access to Cam's signature Man Myths course, valued at USD$325. This is your golden ticket to start your transformative journey ahead of the curve.


How does this certification specifically cater to coaching men in the realm of sexuality?

The Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification is meticulously designed to delve deep into the nuances of male sexuality. With a focus on Cam Fraser's SSO Model of Sexual Embodiment©, the program equips you with tools and techniques tailored to address the unique challenges and experiences men face. This ensures that you're not only understanding male sexuality on a surface level but truly comprehending its intricate layers.

I'm passionate about helping couples. How will this certification benefit my practice in that area?

While the certification has a strong emphasis on male sexuality, the skills and knowledge you'll acquire are holistic and can be applied to couples' dynamics. You'll gain insights into how men perceive and navigate relationships, which can be invaluable when guiding couples towards better communication, intimacy, and understanding.

I've worked primarily with women in the past. How will this certification expand my expertise?

This certification will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of male sexuality, allowing you to bridge the gap in gender dynamics. By understanding both sides more deeply, you'll be in a prime position to offer guidance that's balanced, informed, and empathetic, enhancing your ability to serve women who seek to improve their relationships with the men in their lives.

What sets this certification apart from other sexuality coaching programs?

The Sacred Sexuality Coaching Certification stands out due to its specialized focus on male sexuality, combined with Cam Fraser's unique SSO Model of Sexual Embodiment©. Additionally, the inclusion of valuable components like the Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) ensures a well-rounded and in-depth training experience.

I'm looking for a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Does this certification offer hands-on coaching experience?

Absolutely! While the certification provides a strong theoretical foundation, it's equally committed to ensuring you're ready for real-world application. Through various modules and the guidance of experienced professionals, you'll have opportunities to practice, refine, and perfect your coaching skills.

How flexible is the program? I have other commitments and am worried about managing my time.

We understand that many of our students, like you, have other professional and personal commitments. The certification is designed to offer flexibility, with a blend of live sessions and recorded content. This ensures you can pace your learning in a way that aligns with your schedule. There is an average of 9 hours per week of content, inclusive of the recorded content, live calls, embodiment practices, writing activities, and required reading. There are also mid-trimester breaks as well as end-of-trimester breaks for you to catch up on anything you've missed.

Is there any post-certification support or community engagement?

Yes! Completing the certification doesn't mean the end of your journey with us. We have a thriving community of practitioners, and you'll have opportunities for continued learning, networking, and collaboration, ensuring you're always supported in your coaching endeavours.


Start your sex coaching journey!