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Deepen your relationship with men.

Understand male sexuality.

This is a 6-week online course for women who have sex with men. Wether you're in a long-term relationship or enjoying more casual encounters, this course will give you the knowledge and knowhow to better connect with the men in your life.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Why men behave the way they do and how you can connect more with your partner
  • How you can help him be a better lover and ultimately experience more pleasure together
  • How you can help your partner open up and encourage him to be more vulnerable

"Ladies, men are easy!"

You may have heard this statement from your friends, your favourite TV shows and movies, or from one of the many online magazine websites. In fact, contrary to popular opinion, men aren't easy or simple.

I'm not here to deal in universalities. I want to offer you some important information about the messages we all receive regarding the way men are conditioned to behave, both in and out of the bedroom, as well as the myths about masculinity that these messages create.

I also want to offer you a collection of exercises, practices, activities and strategies to communicate better with your current or future sexual partner, boyfriend, husband or man in your life. These can all be added to your communication to help you expand your pleasure with your partner.

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Here's What Women are Saying About the Course

We are so happy, content and in love. You were such a big part of that. Our sex life continues to flourish thanks to your techniques and skills. Honestly the best thing we have done for our relationship.


Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful resources that makes me feel less weird for my need of specific boundaries. Going through this course means a lot to me. It's so obvious that it's put together with much love and carefulness. 


Thank you so much for putting this together for all of us and all of our lovers!


What You’ll Learn In This Course

Welcome to Man Myths, a transformative six-week course designed to challenge the traditional myths and narratives surrounding masculinity. Through insightful lectures, engaging discussions, and empowering activities, you will redefine your understanding of men's roles, expectations, and behaviours.

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Week 1

Dive into the societal messages about men and women. This week aims to explore how men are perceived and portrayed, particularly in contrast to women. Delve into the inaccurate notion that men are simply “hairy, misbehaving women” and analyse the language we use that perpetuates this myth. Understand the “Act Like a Man” box, explore where our sex education comes from, and address issues surrounding men’s sense of entitlement. This week also addresses the dangers of living in a fantasy world crafted by social narratives.

Week 2

Continue exploring the societal messages about men and women, with a special focus on beauty standards and pleasure. Examine the impact of Western hyper-beauty standards on both genders. Debate the contrast between male and female pleasure and understand the responsibilities associated with personal pleasure. Delve into the science of male sexuality and challenge ten common beliefs about men.

Week 3

Time to debunk some of the biggest myths about men. Are men’s sexual desires always high and superficial? Can men handle rejection effortlessly? This week, we’ll explore the reality of men’s desires and feelings. By looking at myths surrounding sexual desire and the emotional aspects of masculinity, we create a more inclusive and realistic understanding of what it means to be a man.

Week 4

We continue debunking myths about men, particularly those relating to physical intimacy. Topics covered include the misperception that all touching must be sexual, the distinction between ejaculation and orgasm, and the fallacy that men dislike foreplay. Moreover, we will critically examine the role of pornography in men’s lives and challenge stereotypes regarding older men.

Week 5

As we near the end of the course, this week focuses on moving forward with new perspectives. Learn about the importance of communication and vulnerability in creating safe spaces for men. Cultivate curiosity and explore pleasure together. We’ll introduce the Wheel of Consent and discuss energetic polarities between the masculine and feminine. This week will also cover relationship dynamics including attachment styles, love languages, and dating.

Week 6

In the final week, focus on the male anatomy of arousal, pleasure mapping, and breaking down taboos surrounding erectile dysfunction. Discover the foundations of prostate stimulation and explore female anatomy to understand sexual compatibility. Lastly, the importance of spontaneity, creativity, and introducing novelty and toys to relationships will be discussed.

Bonus Content

As a thank you for participating in the "Man Myths" course, gain access to exclusive bonus content. Unlock the secrets to an enhanced intimate connection with the enticing "How to Give a BJ With a Heart Full of Gratitude," which is not just about technique, but about the emotional and connective aspects of giving. Then, deepen your understanding on "Semen Retention and Sexual Energy Exchange." Learn about the ancient practices and modern interpretations of semen retention and how it can be used to cultivate and exchange sexual energy for a more vibrant and fulfilling intimate life.

Panel Discussion

Dive into an enlightening panel discussion as five male panelists share about their lived experiences. Discover actionable insights on creating safer spaces for men, challenge conventional wisdom on gendered perceptions, dissect the myth of men wanting to “spread their seed,” and be moved by heartfelt revelations on what men wish women knew. This is your golden ticket to a transformative journey blending personal experiences with groundbreaking insights, enriching relationships, and fostering understanding.

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What You'll Get

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Understand him


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Feel Empowered

You'll learn ways in which you can claim your sexual pleasure and encourage him to do the same, leading to mutually satisfying sexual experiences, closing the orgasm gap.

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Blow His Mind

You'll learn the fundamentals of male erotic anatomy and how to dramatically shift his relationship with sex, no longer treating it like a performance but approaching it with presence while prioritising pleasure.

Thank you Cam. Your lens and analyzation of cultural norms is certainly shifting my paradigm!


Doing your Man Myths course really led me to get a better understanding of men.


Thank you. This course was very insightful bought on a few emotions but I got a lot of charity and awareness out of it.


Meet your guide

Cam Fraser

Cam is a Certified Professional Sex Coach and Certified Sexologist. His work integrates scientifically validated, medically accurate information about sexual health, with sacred sexuality teachings from the mystery traditions. He is passionate about the intersections of masculinity and sexuality, helping couples better communicate, and giving people the tools to have great sex.


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