Sexuality Seminars

Welcome to my Sexuality Seminars!

Below you'll find a collection of presentations, workshops, and masterclasses on a wide range of topics related to masculinity and sexuality. By initially purchasing access to a seminar, you'll be emailed login information for you new account on All purchases after that will be automatically added to your account.

Why did I choose to call these 'seminars'?

Because I I'm a language nerd. I think words are powerful and the word 'seminar' is etymologically similar to the word 'semen', which comes from Latin, literally 'seed', from serere 'to sow'. The word 'seminar' derives from 'semen' through 'seminarium' and 'seminary'. A seminary is a Catholic theological school while a seed plot is a seminarium. Seminaries and seminars are where knowledge is sown. Semen can be thought of biologically as sperm, the seed of life and, by extension, energetically as the seed of knowledge.

I also just wanted to thank you again for the session. It was really awesome and powerful! I'd never discussed anything around sex and pleasure with anyone who wasn't my partner, so like I mentioned, felt pretty empowering. Thanks again!


Hope all is well man! Just wanted to share something; I work with a handful of young men between 19 and 23. I've been sharing a lot of your content with them and it's incredibly helpful and eye opening for them. You're the man!


Thanks for providing such useful content and information. I gave a guy a prostate orgasm for the first time. And I had just re-listened to your interview on Triple J the Hook up before so I knew what I was doing. Love your content!


Hi, I'm Cam Fraser

I help men go beyond surface-level sex and into full-bodied, self-expressed, pleasure-oriented sexual experiences free of anxiety or shame. I am a Professional Sex Coach, certified with the World Association of Sex Coaches, as well as a Sexologist, and the current Deputy Chair of the Society of Australian Sexologists.