#84 Rim Jobs and Multiple Orgasms (with Tim Lagman)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Tim Lagman. Tim is a certified sex educator with the American College of Sexologists International and pleasure advocate based in Toronto, Canada. He began his sexual journey through escorting where he worked with a number of clients from different backgrounds and all walks of life ranging from couples, individuals, poly relationships, and everything in between. He then went to study Business Management specializing in the music industry and graduated with honours. In his free time, Tim likes to volunteer and give back to the community through outreach in Toronto’s LGBT scene providing sex education and harm reduction resources to the public. It is his mission in life to make sex fun and funny as he loves to make people laugh and believes in the curative powers of laughter. The two of us talk about rimming, multiple orgasms, and edging we well as Tim’s lived experience as a gay Asian man who works as a sexuality professional.

Key points:
​- Tim shares about his escorting journey
– From escort to sex educator
– Masturbation vs Self-Pleasure
– Multi-orgasmic experiences
– Anal play, rimming and personal hygiene
– Edging techniques and strategies
– Stereotypes about Asian men
– The intersection of being Asian and gay


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