Size really does matter!

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Have you ever worried about the size of your πŸ†? Over 90% of men have at one point in their life, so I’m guessing you have too. I know I have, especially when the average male p0rnstar’s πŸ† is several inches bigger than the average civilian’s.

This lead to a lot of anxiety about how much pleasure I could give my partner, if I could satisfy them. None of the courses I took or any of my teachers addressed this issue and so I used to think that size really, really mattered. And, in a way it does. But not in the way you may think.

What if I told you that your πŸ† is actually 3 feet long?

A concept introduced to me byΒ @nicspadsΒ is: Instead of thinking that your πŸ† starts at your pubic bone, where your pubic hair is, imagine that it starts at the back of your neck, where the top of your spine begins. Your entire spine is part of your πŸ† and it contributes immensely to how much pleasure you and your partner experience.

If your spine is inflexible and stiff then you’re not engaging it and you’re not penetrating your partner with it, so you really are only working with however many inches are in your pants.Β 

Size does matter. It matters whether or not you’re spine, your 3 foot long πŸ†, is being used to expand and experience pleasure.

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