How many terms do you know for the word “Penis”?

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Before you read the rest of this post, take a moment to comment below some of the terms you know for “Penis.” Full permission to be as vulgar as you want, reminiscent of the schoolyard. I’ll gift a free copy of my ebook to the person with the most creative term.

Here are some of my favourites: baloney pony, one-eyed trouser snake, and purple headed custard chucker.

In fact, there is a plethora of terms to describe the male genitals. Many of these terms make reference to weaponlike objects, such as sword, bat, rod, and gun. Others, like the terms above, are humorous, often in a self-deprecating way.

I find the language we use to describe our genitals indicative of how we think of and relate to them. In the case of male genitalia, the two most common descriptive themes, as noted above, are violence/aggression and satire/mockery.

Our language both reflects and reinforces the idea that male sexuality is either forceful or a joke, as it is also portrayed in a lot of mainstream media. When we talk about men’s sexuality this way, it limits our experiences and creates a stereotypical narrative to follow.

Try changing the way you talk about your genitals and watch your relationship with them change as well.


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