#76 How To Please Her In Bed (with Melanie Curtin)

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Melanie is a sex researcher, coach, and host of the podcast Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating & Relationships With Women. She has a Master’s in Communication from Stanford University, is a columnist at Inc. magazine, and has been published or seen on TODAY, Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Observer, and more. Melanie has been coaching men for over six years, and specializes in bringing a woman’s perspective to men, so they can connect and succeed with women in fun, inviting, and meaningful ways that lead to fulfilling sex and relationships. In this episode, the two of us talk about the ways in which many men are currently approaching sex and how women are responding to this. We also discuss the importance of men learning about their partner’s body as well as explore strategies for communication about sex and pleasure.

Key Points:
– Melanie shares about her work and research
– Healing from religious trauma
– Creating safety for men to explore sexuality
– 70% of men are not good in bed
– “Too much, too fast”
– Teasing and touching a woman
– Creating safety for women to explore sexuality
– Communication skills

Relevant Links:
Melanie’s Instagram: @melaniebcurtin
Melanie’s Website: www.melaniecurtin.com/


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