#26 Penis Size: Working With What You’ve Got (with Lahnee Pavlovich)

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On episode 26 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast , I chat with Lahnee Pavlovich. Lahnee is a Sex Educator, Lifestyle Coach and a Sex Positive Journalist. She has made a name for herself as the go-to-woman for a modern approach to sexuality & well-being, bringing you not only her expertise, but connecting you to epic humans and ideas through her various channels. This Aussie based Mum Lady, Word Wizz, Coach, Influencer and Sexual Badass found her passion helping couples, women and men live better, more fulfilling lives in and out of the bedroom by embracing a sense of overall well-being & learning to push the boundaries of what’s considered “normal”. Lahnee’s mission is to get down and dirty to challenge society’s views on sexuality, body image & anything else people don’t like talking about. Through connecting the dots between emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, and sexual well-being, Lahnee inspires others to live a better, more fulfilled, nourishing and ‘turned-on’ life. We talk about her new offering, Rate Your Rooster, where Lahnee invites men to send her dick pics – for a fee! – and she provides them with a report with advice and tips about how to best use their penis.

Key points:
– Lahnee’s journey to sex-positivity
– Speaking from personal experience
– Unsolicited dick pics
– Penis variety: Shapes, sizes and diversity
– “Am I normal?”
– Deep vs shallow penetration
– Clitoral stimulation and the male ego
– Sex toys and positions
– Pubic hair, body hair and personal preferences
– The ‘bigger is better’ mentality
– Normalizing conversations about sex

Relevant links:
Lahnee’s website: https://www.lahneepavlovich.com/
Lahnee’s Instagram: @lahneeland


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