Unveiling the Mysteries of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Elliot Justin and his new invention for treating erectile dysfunction
by Cam Fraser // June 20 // 0 Comments

In today's world, men's sexual health is a topic that often goes unexplored, leaving many men feeling isolated and unsure about their experiences. This blog post aims to shed light on one of the most common concerns among men: erectile dysfunction (ED). We'll delve into a fascinating conversation with Dr. Elliot Justin, an emergency medicine physician and medical technology innovator, who has dedicated his career to understanding and improving men's sexual health.

Dr. Justin's journey into the realm of men's sexual health began with a challenge from a urology professor at the University of Utah. The task? To devise a method for counting nocturnal erections, commonly known as "morning wood." Contrary to popular belief, these erections are not linked to the need to urinate but are a natural phenomenon whose cause remains largely unknown.

The frequency of nocturnal erections can serve as a marker of vascular health. As Dr. Justin explains, urologists and cardiologists often refer to the penis as the "canary in the coal mine" for vascular disease. Men of different ages experience varying frequencies of nocturnal erections, with younger men typically having more than their older counterparts.

Dr. Justin's work led to the development of a device that measures the duration and firmness of an erection, both during sex and overnight. This device provides men with crucial data about their erectile health, enabling them to monitor their progress and make informed decisions about their sexual health.

One of the key distinctions Dr. Justin emphasizes is between psychogenic and non-psychogenic ED. Psychogenic ED is often linked to psychological, emotional, or relational issues. If a man is having difficulty with a partner but still experiences nocturnal erections, the problem is likely rooted in the relationship. On the other hand, non-psychogenic ED is often caused by physiological issues such as blood flow or nervous system disorders. Understanding the cause of ED is crucial in determining the most effective treatment.

Despite the potential benefits of this technology, it's important to address concerns about data privacy. Dr. Justin assures that the data collected is stored anonymously and securely on the Amazon cloud. Users have the option to share their data, but this choice is entirely up to them.

In conclusion, understanding men's sexual health and specifically, erectile dysfunction, requires a multifaceted approach. By leveraging technology and fostering open conversations about these issues, we can empower men to take control of their sexual health and improve their quality of life.

Cam Fraser is a Certified Professional Sex Coach and Certified Sexologist. Being a former Tantric Yoga Teacher, his work integrates scientifically validated, medically accurate information about sexual health, with sacred sexuality teachings from the mystery traditions. As a coach, he helps men go beyond surface-level sex and into full-bodied, self-expressed, pleasure-oriented sexual experiences free of anxiety or shame.

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