#12 Dualism Relativism and Masculinity with Jarred Dickie

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On episode 12 of the Men Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with a very good friend of mine, Jarred Dickie. Jarred is a friendly face you might have seen around Fremantle, in Western Australia, for years. In 2013, Jarred started his Yoga journey as a student of Ava Irani (Spanda school founder) and progressed through the teachings of Hridaya Hatha Yoga. This gentle style of meditative Yoga is rooted in the “Self enquiry” method of Ramana Maharshi. Jarred also co-founded Kommunity Brew Kombucha in 2015, learning the incredible journey of running a small, conscious business. 
During this podcast, we chat about the dualistic nature of masculinity and femininity as well as the idea that all spiritual practices are true, relative to our own perception and understanding. We also reflect on the current global conditions.

Key Points:
– Jarred shares some of his story
– Men’s work and men’s groups
– Spiritual technologies
– Practicing what you preach
– Fluctuations with ejaculation retention
– Jarred’s definition of masculinity
– Blind Men and an Elephant
– The light and the dark

Relevant links:
Jarred’s Instagram: @jarreds_ectojourney
Kommunity Brew website: https://kommunitybrew.com/

Cam’s Instagram: @thecamfraser


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