#13 Create Your Own Sexual Rituals (with Paisley Heart)

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On episode 13 of the Men Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with entrepreneur, artist, and Shamanic practitioner, Paisley Heart. Paisley embodies the hybrid archetypes of the Wild Businessman and Lifestyle Artist. Founder of the shamanic rite of passage event The Funeral and panel style podcast Curious Conversations, and previously such businesses as the holistic digital marketing agency DigiLove and Independent record label Fight Music –  his gifts are truly unique and diverse. 

Paisley is known to prowl the mysterious shadow realms of business. With the flaming torch of innovation, he sets the normal and mundane ablaze with alternative business approaches. By combining his obsession with spirituality, artistic expression, nature, and ritual, Paisley has made a strong impact on the music, social media marketing, and personal development industries. Paisley’s unorthodox style has often been challenging for his clients and for professionals in the industry. Pushing against these paradigms has become a strong and recognizable brand he is proud of. Paisley has proven that he has a sharp eye in discerning who he works with and where he invests his creative magic. The accolades, achievements, and rapid growth shared between his clients, artists and business are a testament to his uniqueness and grit.

 Key Points:
– Paisley shares a part of his story
– Bisexuality and sexual fluidity
– Feeling comfortable exploring sexuality
– Creating a container for transformation
– The recipe for ritual
– Honouring what comes up for you
– It’s the journey, not the destination
– Practical advice

Relevant links:
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/paisleyheart_
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paisleyhearttt/
Website – https://www.hellopaisleyheart.com/


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