#11 Lover Earth: Relating with the Feminine (with Devin Fredericksen)

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On episode 11 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast. This time I chat with Devin Fredericksen about reframing our relationship with the earth, from Mother to Lover.

Devin helps people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth in a heart-centred path. He supports the Regeneration of the Masculine, with the intention to reunite the global brotherhood. Devin is an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer and specialises in sacred sexuality, conscious intimacy, permaculture. 

Devin has weaved these elements together which allows Devin to facilitate the process of living in harmonious relationship with ourselves. Devin embraces life with gratitude for every day because of the gift of this opportunity to live life NOW.

Key points:
– Devin’s journey into his current work
– The difference between Mother Earth and Lover Earth
– Men’s relationship with the feminine
– Harnessing sexual energy
– Celibacy and ejaculation
– Nature worship as sexual initiation

– Play and pleasure

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Devin’s Instagram: @devinfredericksen
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