My reminder.

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When I receive messages like this, I remember how important this work is.

Many men don’t have a framework for speaking about sex and sexuality. We’re often told how not to express our sexuality and what not to do. The only models that are really available for men to use as examples for expressing their sexuality are pick up artists and Tantra gurus.

I want to help normalize men’s sexuality and pleasure. I want to create a new model for men that is an example of how to be comfortable with their sexuality and how to express it healthily, without any misogynistic or dogmatic overtones.

Men are human beings. Human beings are sexual beings. Men are sexual beings. There is nothing wrong with that.

It’s time to break down the stigma and bust the myths around men and sex and pleasure. Time to overcome limiting beliefs and have full-bodied, self-expressed sexual experiences free of anxiety or shame.


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