#86 Creating Safety in Relationships (with Ian Collins)

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Today on #mensexpleasure, I chat with Ian Collins. Ian has spent his career working with organisations on some of the riskiest frontiers to build more resilient and reliable systems that keep planes in skies, prevent oil rigs from blowing up, nuclear plants from melting down, getting people home safely to their families and keeping the environment free from harm. What he has discovered is that similar principles that create the conditions for safety in workplaces can be just as applicable to creating safety in relationships. He now helps men learn the tools and resources to create trust and safety, taking their relationships from struggling and stagnant to being passionate, healthy, balanced and loving. The two of us talk about Ian’s work and how he translates occupational safety principles into relationship advice. We also discuss what creating safety and holding space looks like in a relational as well as a sexual context.

Key Points:
– Ian shares about why he does this work
– Workplace accidents and safety
– Translating principles into relationships
– What does it mean to create safety?
– Masculinity and space holding
– Femininity and surrendering
– Safety in an erotic context
– Relationships dynamics and longevity
– Advice for men

Relevant links:
Ian’s Instagram: @ianpcollins
Ian’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipcollins


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