#85 Disability, Sexaulity and Masculinity (with Andrew Gurza)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Andrew Gurza (they/he). Andrew is a Disability Awareness Consultant and Cripple Content Creator. In their work, he seeks to explore how the lived experience of disability feels, as it interplays with intersectional communities. By using hashtags like #diSAYbled, #DisabilityAfterDark, #BearinAChair and #KissAQueerCripple Andrew shares their lived experiences of disability, queerness, sexuality and body image in a raw, vulnerable and unapologetic fashion. He has presented all across North America on sex and disability as a Queer Crippled man. Their written work has been highlighted in Out Magazine, The Advocate and Huffington Post. He hosts the Disability After Dark podcast, which shines a bright light on sex and disability, while also aiming to explore parts of the disabled experience that we don’t often hear about. The two of us talk about Andrew’s experience and expression of sexuality and masculinity as well as the nuances of what it is like to be a queer man with a disability.

Key points:
– Andrew introduces himself
– Ableism and creating spaces for learning
– The sexual stigma of disability
– Disability representation in porn
– Considerations for sex with a disabled person
– The depth of “yes”
– Andrew’s relationship with care
– Using social media to raise awareness
– Playing with identity, femininity and masculinity
– Assumptions about people with a disability

Relevant links:
Andrew’s website: http://www.andrewgurza.com/
Andrew’s Twitter/Instagram: @andrewgurza_


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