#92 Authenticity, Masculinity, and Sexual Performance (with Andrew Eggelton)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Andrew Eggelton. Andrew is the world’s leading authority on Authentic Presenting. He’s the creator and visionary behind ‘The Eggelton Presenting Method™’, a style of Presenting that re-invents the Speakers Experience, elevating it beyond the tropes of old school copy and paste to a deeper, more spiritual experience for both Presenter and Audience. Over 28 years of devotion to his craft of Presenting, from sleeping in the boot of his car so he could afford lessons, to perpetually touring the world running sold out events and retreats, he dared to dream that one day he could not only be World Class, but redefine what World Class looks like. Through a career of TV, Film and Speaking, working with people like Ryan Gosling, Michael J Fox, Peter Jackson and winning multiple TV awards, he devoted most of this career to discovering what ‘Just Be You’ actually means when Presenting and how to achieve pure authenticity. He transforms Speakers, aiding them to discover a balance of the Head, which is the technical, and the Heart Brain, which is the feeling. He takes them into a world where the space between the words is as potent as the words themselves and when they do speak, their words match the frequency of their Greatness, an audience, connecting, resonating, feeling the impact of each nuance. The two of us talk about what authenticity looks and feels like not only when presenting and speaking but also when it comes to masculinity and sexuality.

Key points:
– Andrew shares about his career
– “Just be you” vs “fake it until you make it”
– Tony Robbins and performance
– Not changing state
– Speaking in online spaces
– Performing masculinity
– Overcoming anxiety
– Getting into and moving your body
– Presence and acceptance
– Communicating sexually

Relevant links:
Andrew’s website: https://www.andreweggelton.com/
Andrew’s Instagram: @andreweggelton
Cam’s Patreon: www.patreon.com/thecamfraser


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