#91 Love & War: Expressing Emotion in Sex and Sparring (with James Mattingley)

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On today’s episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with James Mattingley. James is a coach and facilitator with over a decade of leading groups, and guiding transformational experiences. He is based in Ubud Bali and works in three areas; helping couples reignite the passion they had in the beginning… but better. Guiding small groups of seekers to connect to their genius and superpowers. And leading men’s groups focused on stepping into courage and loving on each other through embodiment and boxing. The two of us talk about passion, love, sacredness, soul mates, sex, emotion, and fighting.

Key points:
– James introduces himself
– Can we all follow our passions?
– Cultivating intuition and trust
– Determining your core value
– Individual sacredness
– Soul mates and love
– Spontaneous vs planned sex
– Masculinity and numbing emotion
– Physical exhaustion and emotional expression

Relevant links:
James’ Instagram: @james.mattingley
James’ website: https://www.jamesmattingley.com/
James’ Facebook: /mattingleyjames


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