#153 Female Pleasure: From Islam to Kunyaza with Habeeb Akande

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Habeeb Akande. Habeeb is a British-Nigerian sex educator, erotologist, and author. Habeeb has authored several books on Islamic erotology and African sexual practices to empower women and couples. His bestselling book, Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure, explores the ancient African practice of squirting and sexual pleasure. He recently helped produce and feature in the BBC documentary, The Orgasm Gap exploring female sexual pleasure in Rwanda. He is passionate about female sensuality and aims to close the gender orgasm gap. Primarily based in the UK, Habeeb has given intimacy workshops and seminars in the UK, France, Brazil, Curaçao, and the US. The two of us talk about his research into Islamic erotology and also his education of the practice of Kunyaza. Beyond that we discuss religious and cultural perspectives of sex and pleasure as well as the importance of speaking directly to men about this.

Key Points:
Habeeb introduces himself
A Taste of Honey: Sexuality and Erotology in Islam
Ars erotica vs scientia sexualis
Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure
Changing your approach to sex
Engaging men in sexual development
African sexual practices and cultural appropriation

Relevant links:
Habeeb’s Instagram: @Habeeb_Akande
Cam’s Patreon: https://patreon.com/thecamfraser/



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