#152 Polarity vs Nuance with Dane Tomas

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Dane Tomas. Dane is an entrepreneur, artist, and teacher whose work is focussed on the healthy integration of the spiritual and material aspects of life. He is the author of 7 books, the creator of various transformational practices and the founder of the EE academy – a not so secret society of spiritual entrepreneurs who want to have a significant worldly impact. You can find his podcast, The EE Podcast with Dane Tomas, on Spotify and iTunes. The two of us briefly talk about his work but we mostly discuss things like how polarity coaches use outrage marketing to exploit people’s insecurities and how the nuance of masculinity is lost in the social media landscape of stereotypical alpha bros and lefties.

Key Points:
Dane introduces himself
What is Esoteric Entrepreneurship?
Attaching a monetary value to spiritual healing
Social media and the lack of nuance
Unpacking “polarity”
Is masculinity under attack?
Men’s work and collective action
Advice for young men

Relevant links:
Dane’s Instagram: @dane.tomas
Dane’s website: https://www.danetomas.com/


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