#151 Queer is a Verb: Transgender Identity and Subversion with Teddy Loveny

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Teddy Loveny. Teddy is a social impact obsessive who is passionate about bringing an intersectional perspective to the way we observe, measure and interpret change. They have fingers in many pies, working in outcomes measurement for the community sector alongside designing and delivering learning experiences to promote queer literacy and allyship. Teddy is loudly and proudly queer and trans. They love to help others be curious about the intersections of identity, the space we take up and the impact we have on the community around us. The two of us talk about Teddy’s experience as a transmasculine non-binary queer person as well as what all those terms mean to them. We also discuss the supposed erasure of womanhood and attack on masculinity.
Key points:
Teddy introduces themselves
Defining transmasculine and non-binary
Privilege and transitioning
Societal pressure and the trans narrative
What does being masculine mean?
Labels, language, and specificity
Experimenting with hypermasculinity
TERFs and the erasure of women
The attack on masculinity
“Queer” is a verb

Relevant links:
Traver’s website: www.manuncivilized.com
Traver’s Instagram: @traverboehm


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