#135 A Critical Look at Pickup Artists (with Sarah Martin)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Sarah Martin. Sarah is an anti-fascist sex & dating coach who helps horny people get laid ethically. She’s the host of the Slutty Activism podcast and the creator of the Dignified Hedonist framework. She wrote her master’s thesis about economic metaphor in pickup artist handbooks. She calls Vilnius, Lithuania home. The two of us talk about her Masters research regarding pickup artists and the seduction community. We discuss the way that sex and relationships are framed in this community, why this is detrimental, and how to reframe these for men.

Key Points:
Sarah introduces herself
“High value”: Dating and economic metaphor
Men as buyers, women as sellers
Women are liars
The Manosphere
Masculinity and anti-femininity
Shame free dating advice
Talking with someone you’re attracted to

Relevant Links:
Sarah’s website: https://dignifiedhedonist.com
Sarah’s FacebookL: https://www.facebook.com/dignifiedhedonist
Sarah’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/HedonistDating
Sarah’s Instagram: @dignified.hedonist


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