#134 Attitudes Toward Dating People with a Disability with Oliver Morton Evans

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Oliver Morton-Evans. Oliver has had a diverse career journey and is the founder of a MedTech startup based in Sydney, Australia. He has advocated for the rights of people with physical disabilities for most of his life and openly talks about sexuality. The two of us talk about Oliver’s experience dating as a person with a disability. We also talk about the lack of representation and inclusivity at Tantra and sexuality events. We then discuss the perceptions people have about disability, dating, and sex. Oliver is passionate about dispelling these misperceptions.

Key points:
Oliver introduces himself
Disability representation
Inclusivity at sexuality events
Perceptions around dating
Perceptions around sex
Dispelling misperceptions
Making sexuality work more accessible

Relevant links:
Oliver’s Instagram: @oliver_me79


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