#122 Unlearning Shame & Healing from Purity Culture (with Rachel Overvoll)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Rachel Overvoll. Rachel is a Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach and author, living in Colorado. She works with clients to move beyond shame, step into safety in their bodies, and to live a life embodied in pleasure. Using her credentials from the Somatica Institute and Kinsey Institute, she works through the mediums of embodiment and self attunement to help clients step outside of shame and into the power of their authentic selves. The two of us talk about Rachel’s experience leaving a religious cult and how she overcame her sexual shame. We also discuss her work, particularly as a practitioner of the Somatica method, and how we can be more in our body when experiencing sexuality and pleasure.

Key Points:
Rachel introduces herself
Leaving a religious cult
Unpacking “purity culture”
Physical manifestation of sexual shame
What is the Somatic method?
Men’s intimacy needs
Practical advice for being in your body

Relevant links:
Rachel’s website: www.rachelovervoll.com
Rachel’s Instagram: @rachelovervoll


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