#121 Sex, Kink, and Emotion Regulation (with Evelyn Sparks)

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Evelyn Sparks (she/her) is a certified sex coach who works to help people heal their sexual trauma and step into their most liberated sexual and emotional expression. She emphasizes bringing aspects of sacred sexuality teachings into the mainstream and curating an inclusive and approachable environment. The two of us talk about how trauma can create numbness in the body as well as how to work through this by reconnecting to the physical sensations of emotion. Evelyn shares about some of the ways we tend to avoid feeling emotions and we discuss how men can healthily tap into and express anger. We end with a conversation about kink and how BDSM containers can help with both emotional expression and regulation.

Key points:
Evelyn introduces herself
Numbness after trauma
Reframing your relationship with your body
Learning to check in with yourself
Avoiding emotions
Creating containers to express emotions
Men and anger
Kink and catharsis

Relevant links:
Evelyn’s Instagram: @theevelynsparks
Evelyn’s website: www.evelynsparks.com


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