#123 The Forgotten Father (with Carla Crivaro)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Carla Crivaro. Carla is a trauma-informed and certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach. She works with men who experience sexual dysfunction and a lack of sexual desire after being present for the birth of their child. She also works with men who miss intimacy with their partner and feel disconnected from them since becoming a father. The two of us talk about what Carla has dubbed ‘The Forgotten Father’ phenomenon. We discuss the ways in which men struggle with fatherhood and how their childhood wounding can impact their relationships.

Key Points:
Carla introduces herself
What does it mean to be trauma-informed?
The Forgotten Father phenomenon
Releasing trauma from the body
Men’s changes in desire
Testosterone and fatherhood
Inner child and parenting responses
Response 1: Overcompensation
Response 2: Withdrawal
Response 3: Passive Aggression

Relevant links:
Carla’s website: https://www.carlacrivaro.com/
Carla’s Instagram: @the.sexuality.sanctuary


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