Perineum Massage.

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If your partner has a penis and you’re looking for a novel way to touch them, try massaging their perineum, the skin in between the testicles and the anus.

The sponge-like regions of erectile tissue in the penis actually extend back into the perineum. This means that massaging the perineum can create pleasurable sensations in the shaft of the penis.

On top of that, the prostate gland – which is responsible for prostate orgasms – can be externally stimulated by pressing firmly into the perineum.

In addition to regular massage techniques, like using your fingers to press and rub the area of skin, one way you may like to massage your partner’s perineum is with your fist.

After applying a bit of massage oil or lube and warming up the area with some other touch first, gently press your fist into your partner’s perineum. You may like to begin by softly kneading the skin by rotating your wrist and rolling your knuckles.

As your partner becomes accustomed to this touch, you can start to press more firmly. This applies a deeper massage to the perineum and the erectile tissue. You might even notice that as you change the pressure with which you press into your partner’s perineum, the firmness of their erection will fluctuate.

When pushing your fist a bit harder into the perineum, you can also subtly shake it. This shaking creates a vibrating sensation which can feel very pleasurable for your partner.

It can be extra enjoyable for them if you also touch their penis whilst stimulating their perineum. The penis and the perineum share the same erectile tissue so it can feel like an expanded experience.

There are so many ways to explore and enjoy your partner’s body, including their genitals, and this is just one way. Follow your curiosity and see what else you both like.


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