#67 Integrity and Intention with Sexual Energy (with Manu Paradiso)

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On this episode of The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, ​I chat with my friend Manuele Paradiso. Manu is an inner explorer committed to the development of his most authentic self. His purpose is to share his journey unfiltered with the people and inspire them to follow their heart. He offers his experience to people as a facilitator, blogger, speaker and mentor. Manu grew-up in a small reality surrounded by macho-patriarchal culture but educated by very inclusive and progressive parents. After his academic formation he started to travel and that’s when the big shifts started to happen. Deep diving in different spiritual lineages and exploring with entheogenic plants.

Since then, he started a process of integration between intellect, spiritual call and sexuality. His attention goes in particular to men who want more awareness about their cultural conditioning and support in the development of a deeper and more conscious relationship with their partner and themselves. Since one year back he has been active with an online course for men (The Attractive Hero) with the intention of self development supported by a healing space of brotherhood. He also offers webinars on conscious relating and recently he started a series of meetings in person as a facilitator for groups’ introspective journeys.

Key Points:
– Manu shares about his story and his passion
– Discussing approaches to coaching men
– Personal sexual turning points
– The line between sexualization and objectification
– Having intention with sexual energy
– Being honest about your intentions
– Listening to your “Yes”
– Advice for men interested in this work

Relevant links:
Manu’s Instagram: @manuele_paradiso
Manu’s website: manueleparadiso.com


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