#66 Loss of Culture and Comprehensive Sex Education (with Lauren French)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Lauren French. Lauren is a recently graduated sexologist holding a membership with the Society of Australian Sexologists. Lauren has a real passion for sexuality education as well as helping individuals or couples through a multitude of sexual difficulties and experiences. Lauren creates a warm and inviting space for clients to feel comfortable to share and be heard. All sessions are held within a judgement free space, as Lauren welcomes all diverse sexualities and varying individual experiences. She also works with with Body Safety Australia, a social enterprise protecting children from sexual abuse with whole community solutions. Lauren works with all genders, orientations and identities and offers a judgment-free, safe space for all beings. She is queer-friendly (LBGTIQ) and works with clients in any aspect of sex and sexuality. She believes that sex should be able to be discussed openly and that everyone deserves to have a pleasurable and enjoyable sex life. She specialises in sex education, and empowering individuals to be less goal- orientated and more pleasure orientated. Lauren and I talk about the nuances of her work as a sex educator as well as her life as a proud First Nations woman. We also discuss where and how these two experiences intersect.

Key Points:
– What is an Acknowledgement of Country?
– Comprehensive Sexuality Education
– The importance of Media and Porn Literacy
– Creating safe spaces for kids to learn
– Language and terminology
– Lauren shares about her family and lineage
– Intergenerational trauma and loss of culture
– Sex- and pleasure-positivity
– Fear, masculinity and masculinities
– Compassionate words for any First Nations people listening

Relevant Links:
Lauren’s Instagram: @Lauren.French.Sexologist


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