#97 Relationship Dynamics: From Polyamroy to Swinging (with Dee McDonald)

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On today’s episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Dee McDonald. Dee is a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, sexual empowerment coach, researcher, and writer on non-monogamies and recreational sex. Her knowledge is drawn from a fusion of conventional and less established sources. She has long known and has proudly sought the practical experience of some of her sex worker friends in understanding some of the hidden depths of human sexuality. Dee has always viewed sex as a holistic experience and finds that the misperception of what sex is, and increasing dependence on genital sex is a common reason many people choose to visit a sex therapist. She understands sex as both Recreational and Relational. Having the potential to both provide the more commonly acceptable purposes of procreation and bonding whilst retaining the erotic elements usually associated with initial attraction. Sex as play seems to have been rather let down by the stresses and romantic requirements of modern society and Dee’s passion is in rekindling, where possible, the flames of desire. The two of us talk about non-monogamy, non-traditional relationships, polyamory, and swinging. We discuss Dee’s work with couples who are interested in polyamory and the ways she helps them navigate this.

Key points:
– Dee shares about her work
– Communication is key
– Polyamory and consent
– When one partner is interested in polyamory
– Non-monogamous relationships
– Jealousy and reassurance
– Meeting your needs
– Talking to your kids about your relationship
– Swinging, stigma, and sex parties

Relevant links:
Dee’s website: www.crossriverwellbeing.com
Dee’s InstagramI: @dee.mcdonald.59
Dee’s Twitter: wellbeingCR
Dee’s Facebook: /desireemcdonald2021


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