#8 Sacred Sexuality and Ancient Lore (with Ryan McKenna)

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In episode 8 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with wellness wizard Ryan McKenna. Ryan embodies ancient knowledge and wisdom, in unison with modernized teachings and techniques to create alchemic medicine to nourish the mind, body and soul. Fusing together elements of Celtic shamanism, Druidism, Astrology and herbalism to create optimized transformative awakening journeys for high dimensional existence. Ryan specializes in detoxification and regeneration of the physical organs through sacred healing modalities, sacred sexuality, nutritional balancing, fasting, qigong and elemental meditational journeys through ceremonial sound and music therapy. Bringing the body forward into balance and harmony, on a multidimensional level, by clearing stagnation and blockages, releasing toxic belief systems, and creating space within one’s vessel allow new higher frequencies to enter and prepare the soul to ascend into higher realms of consciousness to embody new earth golden age frequencies.

Key Points:
– Ryan’s initiation into sacred sexuality teachings
– What does sacred sexuality look like?
– Tantra and Celtic Paganism
– The Divine Masculine and Feminine
– Western esotericism
– Masculine energy and how to cultivate it
– Practical tips for sacred sex

Relevant links:
Ryan’s Instagram – @theshamanicleprechaun
Ryan’s Website – sacredscotlandtour.com
Cam’s Instagram – @thecamfraser


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