#7 Working Through Shame and Trauma Changed My Life (with Mos Nepia-Rangi)

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On episode 7 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I had a very special and vulnerable conversation with Amos. Amos is a loving partner as well as an adventurous father who is on a journey of self-love and self-healing. Amos is passionate about connecting with people. Mos is working in construction and studying to be a personal trainer. In this conversation, Mos shares a little chunk of his story about sexual trauma, vulnerability, masculinity and intimacy. Amos very much feels it is a subject that gets left in the dark and that there’s so much shame around it. Because of his journey of self-development, Mos felt that it was right to share his story. He also wants you to remember you are not alone.

 Key Points:
– An introduction to Mos
– Maori culture and masculinity
– Mos share’s his story about sexual abuse
– Doing the work and overcoming trauma
– Being vulnerable with a partner
– Friendships with men and women
– Working through shame and having better sex
Relevant links:
Mos’ Instagram – @mosman_nepia
Cam’s Instagram – @thecamfraser


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