#72 Navigating a Breakup and Self-Care (with Rory Callaghan)

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On this episode of the #mensexpleasure podcast, I chat with Rory Callaghan [This episode has been edited and re-uploaded to remove mention of third parties who did not consent to having personal information shared]. Rory works with individuals and conscious healthy enterprises who are committed to developing sustainable health and wellness based lifestyles. He travels around the globe to speak at events, workshops, and retreats. Rory’s purpose is global health and wellbeing for all. His passions include health, family, happiness, connection, and fun. He values integrated health, passion/purpose, service/contribution, connection, abundance, and being a lifetime student. Rory believes that by starting with the end – or, “the big picture” – in mind, the legacy is simple. The two of us chat about his recent breakup and how he is navigating it as well as the importance of self-care and the key components that Rory considers to be fundamental for health.

Key Points:
– Rory talks about his work and his mission
– Rory shares about his recent breakup
– Navigating the post-breakup headspace
– Communication strategies and vulnerability
– Integrity and taking time for yourself
– What is self-care?
– The fundamentals of health
– How to achieve integrated health
– Rory offers some advice for men

Relevant Links:
Rory’s Website: Rorycallaghan.com
Rory’s website: Selfcare.global


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