#58 Unorthodox: Religion, Sexuality and Coaching (with Yuval Mann)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Yuval Mann. Yuval is the founder of the Sensual Alchemy School of Integrated Sexuality, his personal sex and relationship coaching business which teaches people how to have epic sex and legendary love. During his twenties, Yuval carried a bag full of trauma, shame, and guilt around his sexuality and relating to women due to his upbringing in an extreme Jewish Orthodox community. After leaving that community, Yuval embarked on a long journey of discovery into letting go of that shame, the blockage, and everything that was holding him back from making love with himself, women, and the world. Yuval and I chat about his experiences with Orthodox Judaism and how his relationship with God has impacted his sexuality. We also discuss ways of overcoming sexual blockages and how sex coaching for single men can be a transformative process.

Key Points:
Yuval talks about his life journey
Orthodox Judaism and sexuality
Relationship with God
Defining sacredness
Overcoming sexual blockages
How transformation happens
Push vs Pull
“Good” stress and excitement
Emotional regulation
Working with single men

Relevant Links:
Yuval’s Instagram: @Yuvalmann.s


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