#54 Injaculation and Multiple Orgasms for Men (with Shaft Uddin)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Shaft Uddin, a Speaker, Coach and a Somatic Trauma Release Therapist and Content Creator. Shaft has helped men and women from all walks of life overcome trauma by connecting them back to themselves. He creates safe spaces for people to connect with themselves and others through retreats and workshops all over the world. Shaft broke free from his strict devout Muslim upbringing of working in an Indian restaurant and forced arrange marriages and made his own way through life from being homeless to becoming a successful Art Director. 6 years ago he left his house and 6 figure salary in London to pursue the spiritual path. He turned his tragic story, mental illness, broken relationships and addiction into his super powers and turned it into a successful business to help others. The thing that healed him became his passion. His work and viral videos have reached over 38.7 million people via social media and various other media outlets including the BBC, Vice, Times magazine, The Guardian and many more. Shaft also consults for major brands such as Samsung, Mercedes and Disney in creating content. Shaft’s mission is to make Stockholm the epicentre of connection and intimacy… the opposite of what it is right now! We talk about Shaft’s personal experiences with Tantra and his advice for achieving multiple orgasms.
Key Points:
Shaft introduces himself as the “Wim Hof of Tantra”
Portraying Tantra in the mainstream media
Living in the Tantra bubble
Lineages and finding your own path
Shaft’s personal daily practice
What is an injaculation?
Conscious ejaculation and consecration
Ejaculation shaming and non-ejaculatory orgasm
What does a non-ejaculatory orgasm feel like?
Researching multiple orgasms for men
“I love my life, I love my body, I love myself”

Relevant Links:
Shaft’s Instagram: @shaftuddin
Shaft’s YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/shaftuddin/
Shaft’s Website: www.sacredsexualawakening.com


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