#39 Debunking Myths About Men and Sex (with Sarah Hunter Murray, Ph.D.)

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On Episode 39 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcastI have a great discussion with Sarah Hunter Murray about the most common myths surrounding masculinity, sexuality and men. Sarah holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the University of Guelph and is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is the author of the book “Not Always in the Mood: The new science of men, sex, & relationships.” I loved Sarah’s book and the research she presents in it. We talk about that research as well as her observations about men in relationships. We also explore some practical advice for men and their partners to help overcome the myths and stereotypes that may be hindering them in their relationships.

Key Points:
– Sarah shares about her research and book
– Science vs popular media and societal norms
– Men internally wrestling with sexual scripts
– Men’s sex drive isn’t high and unwavering
– Men and women have the same sexual desire
– Giving men the language to talk about sex
– Men desire to be desired
– Sex isn’t just surface level for men
– Men don’t always say “yes” to sex
– Practical advice for men in relationships

Relevant links:
Sarah’s website: https://www.sarahhuntermurray.com/
Sarah’s book: https://www.amazon.com/Always-Mood-SARAH-HUNTER-MURRAY/dp/1538149400/


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