#31 From Surface Level Sex to Deep Intimacy (with Lorin Krenn)

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On episode 31 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcastI chat with Lorin Krenn, a Deep Intimacy coach and Writer.
Lorin helps men and women all over the globe understand masculine/feminine dynamics in their intimate relationships to experience deep intimacy through 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and masterclasses, and social media appearances. He has some Deep Intimacy virtual masterclasses coming up specifically for his Australian and Asia-Pacific community as well as for his community from the United States, Canada and Europe. Links for these masterclasses are in the show notes.

Key Points:
– Lorin talks about how he came to be doing this work
– Personal philosophy about working with men and women

Relevant Links:
Lorin’s Instagram: @lorinkrenn
Lorin’s Podcast: The Lorin Krenn Podcast
Lorin’s Website: lorinkrenn.com
Lorin’s Australian/Asia-Pacific masterclass: https://www.lorinkrenn.com/virtual-masterclass-december-5th/
Lorin’s US, Canada and Europe masterclass: https://www.lorinkrenn.com/virtual-masterclass/


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