#25 Overcoming Fear with Compassion and Love (with Adam Roa)

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On episode 25 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Adam Roa. Adam is a transformational artist, founder of the online personal development community, CREATE, and the podcast host of “The Deep Dive with Adam Roa”. He has been listed by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers to Watch” and his viral poem, “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” has been viewed more than 200 million times. He has spoken on countless stages, including Oslo Freedom Forum, MindValley A-Fest, and Envision Festival. Adam has recently begun to blend his poetry into mainstream music, with his first single, “Voices”, releasing on October 1st. A modern day renaissance man, he is known for his unique blend of science and spirituality wrapped in artistic mediums. We shared about our deepest fears, how they hold us back and how to use compassion to overcome them.

Key points:
– Adam’s journey with masculinity
– Addressing cultural narratives about male sexuality
– Non-Goal-Oriented sexual expression
– Confusion and conflicting sexual scripts
– Deep, Karmic fear
– Performative sexuality and measuring masculinity
– The impact of the media
– Advertising and maintaining the status quo
– The fear of rejection and the fear of death
– The freedom of emotional expression
– Compassion and self-love
– Finding your support and your 

Relevant links
Adam’s CREATE community: https://thecreatecommunity.com/
Adam’s website: https://adamroa.com/
Adam’s Instagram: @adam.roa

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