#20 The Seed Bearer: Conscious Conception for Men (with Josh Fairleigh)

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On episode 20 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Josh Fairleigh. Josh grew up on the east coast of Australia, surfing, skating, boxing, fishing, loving all the outdoor active lifestyle this environment allows. School was very low on the list; this resulted in a early school drop out and the introduction of his first job in the surfboard industry. Surfing being Josh’s life passion; he shaped custom surfboards for about 15 years until his Saturn return when he began to see the environmental impact of the industry and pictured his own health in another 15 years. This was the time when Josh became very interested in health and natural medicines. After an awakening during a yoga course in Thailand with some influential teachers Josh began studying Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Shamanic Crystal work and finally found the passion for academic education that he could not find in the earlier school years. Josh now teaches Breath workshops and does energy and Shamanic Healing’s. Josh became interested in Feng Shui as he spent many years traveling the world and Australia, through this travelling from town to town, country to country he was aware of his own moods, perception and reality changing; which made him curious as to how much our environment has an effect on our reality, from the weather, the land forms, water quality, different beliefs, colours, shapes and the spiritual energy. Josh has studied Feng Shui and Environmental studies with the Australian College of Environmental Studies. He now emphasises Breathwork as a tool to facilitate spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health. This approach and training touches all of these aspects of life; from physical fitness, to harmonising our internal and external energy bodies.

We spoke about Josh’s Lyme Disease and how it has affected his relationship with himself, his wife and his daughter, particularly with regards to how he perceives his masculinity. We also spoke about conscious conception and what men can do to contribute to the conceiving process.

Key Points:
– Josh story
– Contracting Lyme Disease
– Trusting teachers and cultivating discernment
– Physical health and relationships
– Shifting perceptions about masculinity
– Can you look yourself in the eye?
– Unpacking conscious conception
– A man’s role in the conceiving process
– Bringing consciousness into the conceiving process

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