#21 Sex and Psychedelics (with Tobias Penno)

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On episode 21 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with Mental Health Practitioner, Tobias Penno, Bach. Sci. Engineering, Masters of Social Work (Hons; Research Prize Faculty of Health & Medical Science UWA) Tobias is an Emotional Health Practitioner & Social Worker with a background in Government Child Protection and Counselling. After years of professionally managing extreme child, family and relationship stress, Tobias has found his passion in healing Emotional Pain & Trauma through the body. Tobias currently runs a clinical practice, Emotional Healthcare, where he combines somatic techniques with narrative therapy, as well as working with people to prepare and integrate psychedelic experiences. Tobias is a researcher at the University of Western Australia, with an award-winning dissertation titled How Ayahuasca Offers Psychosocial Wellbeing, and is currently working on a PhD researching the links between attachment trauma, the body, and best-practice in psychedelic integration therapy. We spoke about the similarities between the sexuality and psychedelic industries and communities, from the challenges to the successes. 

Key Points:
– Tobias shares a bit of his story
– Therapeutic vs Recreational use of drugs
– What it’s like to have sex on psychedelics
– Psychedelic vs Antidepressant model of therapy
– Integration and aftercare for peak experiences
– Supporting altered states of consciousness
– The ACE model of intervention
– Fast food analogy of sex and drugs
– MDMA assisted psychotherapy
– Using ecstasy for ecstatic self-pleasure

Relevant Links:
Tobias’ website: https://www.emotionalhealthcare.com.au/
Emotional intelligence training can help you reach the emotional awareness needed to improve your wellbeing: https://www.findcourses.com/search/emotional-intelligence-training


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