#139 Ecosexuality and Masculine Regeneration with Devin Fredericksen

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat again with Devin Fredericksen. Devin joined me first on episode #11 of the podcast and I have the pleasure of welcoming him back. Devin helps people reconnect to themselves, each other, and Mother Earth in a heart centered path. He supports the Regeneration of the Masculine, with the intention to reunite the global brotherhood. He specializes in sacred sexuality, conscious intimacy, permaculture, and is an ecstatic chef and regenerative farmer. The two of us talk about regeneration, from the very literal sense to the more esoteric and energetic sense. We also discuss the practice of consuming ejaculation and finding sexual pleasure in nature, including the phallic symbolism of mushrooms and the sensuality of forests.

Key Points:
Devin reintroduces himself
The definition of regeneration
Consuming ejaculation and energetic regeneration
Nature and sensuality
Phallic symbolism of mushrooms
The practice of ecosexuality
Pleasure from being outdoors

Devin’s Instagram: @devinfredericksen
Devin’s website: https://www.devinfredericksen.com/
Cam’s Patreon: https://patreon.com/thecamfraser


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