#126 Slow Pleasure: Explore the Full Spectrum of Pleasure (with Euphemia Russell)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Euphemia Russell. Euphemia, (they/them) is a full spectrum pleasure coach and bestselling author of Slow Pleasure. Euphemia is trained and certified in somatic coaching, international coaching federation, sex-positive education, sexual violence counselling, trauma-informed facilitation, and has a background in Community Cultural Development. Their work, which aims to support people to flourish and feel pleasure, despite our collective crisis of pace and disconnection, has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, and multiple national radios and newspapers. They are particularly dedicated to resourcing and cherishing people who are distanced from their pleasure and bodies – usually because of holding minority identities and being socialised to be people-pleasing and appeasing, defaulting to others, overgiving, and/or playing small to be safe and liked. Euphemia is of Scottish descent, born a settler on unceded Kulin Nation lands (AKA Melbourne, Australia), and a migrant to Tongva land (AKA Los Angeles, California). They hold the identities and experiences of being white, queer non-binary, able-bodied, born middle-class, and a trauma survivor. ‘Slow Pleasure’ is both the name of Euphemia’s best-selling book and their theory of change. Euphemia believes that by accessing the full spectrum of pleasure, drip by drip and microdose by microdose, readers and clients can feel their own aliveness and reestablish a nourishing connection to self, others, and the land. They see pleasure and somatics as a journey of creating moments to pause, listen and remember, rather than ‘fix’ or accumulate knowledge.

Key Points
Euphemia introduces themself
The crisis of pace and being in the moment
Microdosing pleasure and hustle culture
Pleasure for the sake of pleasure
Self-care vs Aftercare
Post-ejaculatory vulnerability
Digital boundaries
Savoring the pleasure of using technology
Pleasure and other emotions

Relevant links:
Euphemia’s Instagram: www.instagram/com/euphemia.russell
Euphemia’s website: https://euphemiarussell.com/


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