#125 Sex Education From Repression to Expression (with Leah Carey)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Leah Carey. Leah is a Sex and Intimacy coach and host of the podcast “Good Girls Talk About Sex.” She works with people eager to explore new avenues of their sexuality and fulfill their greatest desires, like: diving back into the dating pool after a long time away, having first-time queer experiences, investigating consensual non-monogamy, or learning how to communicate about kink. Her superpower is radical empathy. The two of us talk about the harmful messages we tell our kids and how we can undo the social conditioning that limits our ability to express ourselves and explore our sexuality.
Key Points:
Leah introduces herself
What does sexual repression look like?
Harmful messages we tell our kids
The “Don’t Say Gay” Bill
Comprehensive Sex Education
Undoing social conditioning
Teaching consent to kids
Relevant links:
Leah’s website: www.leahcarey.com
Leah’s Instagram: @GoodGirlsTalk


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