#115 Working with Men Who Use Domestic Violence (with Callan Craig)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Callan Craig. Callan has a background in psychology and has been working in the industry specialising in healthy relationships, non violent communication and healthy masculinity. Currently working with men who use domestic and family violence facilitating programs to support them in their behavioural change process. The two of us talk about the factors contributing to situations where men use domestic violence as well as what the process of behavioural change looks like for them.

Key Points:
Callan introduces himself
Callan shares about his work
What kind of men use domestic violence?
Motivations for changing behaviour
Masculinity and violence
The “golden thread” of violence, coercion, and abuse
The process of behavioural change
Resistance and vulnerability

Relevant links:
Callan’s Instagram: @callanncraig


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