#105 Men’s Self Worth Struggles and Stories (with Nick Perry)

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On today’s episode of the #mensexpleasure podcast, I chat with Nick Perry. Nick is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Men’s Work Facilitator who is passionate and driven by authentic relating and inspired living. Nick’s education in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching draws from personal mentoring and learning from some of the world’s leading healers, facilitators and physical therapists. For the last decade he has immersed himself in study and experimentation, acquiring qualifications across a broad range of modalities. Over the last few years his reach in the world has spread far, as he shares his knowledge, experience and personal story through podcasts, workshops and teachings in his mentorship program. Known for his deep presence, relatability and down-to-earth nature, Nick’s goal when working with clients is to leave them feeling empowered and aligned in themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Key points:
Nick shares about his work
Fatherhood and processing emotions
“I’m not enough”: Self-worth stories
Relearning about sex and pleasure
Pleasure is weakness?
Catalysts for transformation
Listening to your body
Supporting other men
Role models

Relevant links:
Nick’s Instagram: @rhythmhealth
Nick’s website: https://www.rhythmhealth.com.au/about


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