#89 Sexual Happiness with Lovehoney Australia (with Rob Godwin)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Lovehoney Director and Head of Operations in Australia, Rob Godwin. Rob is responsible for day-to-day commercial operations and performance, as well as growing the Lovehoney brand in Australia. Rob’s role at Lovehoney is diverse and encompasses creating, developing and implementing a multi-level business plan and strategy to ensure the successful operations of Lovehoney Australia, while accelerating its year-on-year growth. Rob manages a 30-strong team with four departmental heads, covering; customer service; warehousing and distribution; online trading; PR and marketing; finance; and buying. Rob established Lovehoney Australia in Queensland in September 2013 from his spare room with one staff member. Previously having run his own business, the Love Group, Rob successfully tendered the Fifty Shades of Grey license in association with the UK company, Lovehoney Ltd. The Fifty Shades of Grey range is now one of the companies most successful product lines. Rob’s career has been highly focused on implementing and overseeing strategies to drive revenue growth and raising the profile of the adult industry. After studying a Bachelor of Business Administration at Lancaster University, Rob moved into marketing and strategy and has worked his way up to CEO of Sexpo and Club X stores. Since starting Lovehoney Australia, he has been featured in international publications and was on the industry board for six years. He encourages his team to take pride in their work, recognising and celebrating their successes, as well as striving to drive the business forward. Outside of work Rob is a keen amateur boxer and marathon runner. The father of two likes yoga, and is a local junior football coach. The two of us talk about the history and future of Lovehoney and what it is like to be a leader for the world’s largest online adult toy retailer.

Key points:
Rob shares about his humble beginnings
What does “sexual happiness” mean?
The stigma of running an adult toy company
Inclusivity and diversity
Recycling adult toys
Changing the industry
The cornerstone of a successful sex life
The future of Lovehoney

Relevant links:
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Lovehoney’s website: www.lovehoney.com.au
Cam’s Patreon: www.patreon.com/thecamfraser


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